Precision Arms is Your Source for Precision Rifles

Precision Rifles and Precision Rifle Packages –

Come in and check out our great deals on precision (sniper, varmint, competition) rifles from Remington (including the renown Milspec 700 5R in all configurations), Desert Tactical Arms, Armalite, and more.  We also offer great deals on precision rifle packages that ensure you are set up and ready to shoot when you walk out the door. Plus, when you buy your precision rifle package at Precision Arms, John will personally help you get familiar with your new weapon and work with you to dial it in…even if that means a trip to the range!

We also offer or build precision rifles with HS Precision and XLR stocks.

Precision Arms is Your Source for Tactical Rifles

Tactical Rifles and Tactical Rifle Packages –

Precision Arms carries and builds close quarters to long range tactical rifles with EoTech, Leupold and Nightforce optics.  We also carry tactical accessories for any situation.


Precision Arms is Your Source for Shotguns and Other Premium Firearms

Other Firearms –

Precision Arms also has a great selection of other rifles, handguns, shotguns, lever guns, and consignment firearms.  We will also special order any California legal firearm that we don’t carry.

Note:  California is requiring gun stores to charge California sales taxes on new guns purchased from other states and transferred in state.  To combat this and as a service to our customers if we don’t have what you want we will order it and give you a discount on your purchase!!

We can still do FFL transfers of California legal Pre-owned or used firearms…only $65.00! DROS $25